Switchboard – Professional Installation And Upgrade Services

Electricity plays a key role in our day to day lives. At Wire in Electrical, we strive to ensure that our customers have a reliable, sufficient and safe electricity supply. We are a licensed Electrical Contracting company that offers level 2 electrical services. We install and upgrade electrical switchboards in order to give you a consistent power supply with minimal interruptions.

We carry out professional switchboard wiring to ensure that every part of the switchboard functions perfectly. You may be wondering: what is a switchboard? A switchboard is a device that controls and distributes electricity to various points in a building. The electrical switchboard used in a certain property should be properly adapted to its application. The design of all power electric switchboards should also adhere to the relevant standards.

An electrical switchboard is made up of the following segments:

  • Main switch (Double pole MCB)
  • Circuit breakers and switches (Single pole MCB)
  • Residual Current Devices (RCD)

Infographic about switchboard. Picture that talk about switchboard and how it work.

The main switch enables you to switch on or switch off the electricity supply of a building. You can have several main switches on your property that supply electricity to different units. It is important to know where the main switchboard of your home is located so that in the case of an electrical emergency, you can switch off the power supply for safety.

So how do circuit breakers work? Electrical circuit breakers automatically switch off the electric supply when they detect a fault in the electric circuit. When normal conditions in the circuit resume, they automatically switch on the power supply. Circuit breakers are found on the main switchboard or in an electrical circuit breaker box. There are different electric circuit breaker types, including indoor and outdoor circuit breakers. There are also high, medium and low voltage circuit breakers.

Many customers keep asking the question: What is an RCD? The residual current device or RCD switch refers to a safety switch or device that disconnects the circuit when there is an imbalance between the neutral conductor and the energized conductor. This means the level of electricity escaping to the earth is too high. The earth leakage circuit breaker ensures that the electricity supply is disconnected within milliseconds.

RCDs are made with a test button used for RCD testing. All you have to do is press the test button, which triggers a fault in the circuit. If RCD tripping occurs, you will know that the RCD is in good condition. These tests should be carried out at least once every three months. Our electricians can carry out additional tests on your electrical switch box to identify any potential problems and make the necessary adjustments.

If a safety switch keeps tripping, it could be that faulty equipment or faulty wiring is leaking electricity to the earth. You can identify the faulty equipment by unplugging all the equipment and resetting the safety switch. You can then plug them back on one by one until the safety switches trips. Out team will take a look at the faulty equipment and advice on whether it can be repaired or if it should be disposed.

RCD protection is important in the home or workplace when electrical equipment is used in an environment that can cause the equipment to get damaged. An environment that has elements such as moisture or vibration can reduce the lifespan of the equipment. As a result, they could pose considerable danger to users.

We also provide switchboard upgrade services – your old electrical switchboard is replaced with one that has an electric safety switch. We will ensure that the electric switchboard for home installation will provide you with safe electricity supply.

Our electricians are experienced in installing power meters. We can install any of the electricity meter types – either the basic meter or the smart meter. It is recommended that customers have smart meters in NSW. What is a smart meter? This is an electricity meter that can record in real time your energy consumption.

With a smart meter, you can find out what hours of the day you use the most energy, and this will assist you as you plan on how to save power. The power meter also sends data directly to your energy supplier or retailer. You can get the basic and smart electrical meter box prices from us. We provide electric meter box installation at very affordable prices. We can also install a solar meter on your property for your solar connections.

Our professional and friendly team of electricians is ready to attend to your switchboard and meter installation and upgrade needs. We are waiting to hear from you! Call us today on 02-8599-2514 or email us on [email protected] for the best electrical solutions in Sydney.