Services Offered By Wire In Electrical

Wire in Electrical is an authorized Level 2 Electrical service provider. Our electricians are skilled in the provision of all kinds of electrical services.

Level 2 Works

Our electricians are skilled in the upgrade of single phase to three phase power, which increases the power supply in your building. New and renovated buildings require an upgrade to the electricity network and we provide meter upgrades for installations to the electricity supply. We can also downgrade meters depending on your needs. We disconnect and reconnect properties to the power supply and also install, repair and service overhead and underground service lines.

We handle Endeavour and Ausgrid Defect Notices that target UV defects. These defects refer to damaged electrical cables that connect your home to the electricity supply. The damage is caused by ultra violet radiation from the sun that wears out the cables. Our electricians will make the necessary repairs to the cables and fill the certificates needed to clear the defect notice. Endeavour is currently checking their power lines in Blacktown and Hills districts. We have an electrician currently repairing power lines that are damaged by UV radiation in these districts.

Residential Works

We offer the best and most reliable residential electrical services in Sydney. Whether you are building a new home or making home renovations, we will provide all the electrical services you need. We work on all residential structures, including duplexes and man caves, and on structures found in homes such as sheds. We carry out upgrades on electrical switchboards and make repairs on damaged wiring.

Out team also offers energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting and state of the art security for your home. Installation of electric gates and intercoms can all be professionally done. Wiring for ponds and sewer pumps can be done simultaneously with the installation of pumps.

We test and tag all your electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe for your use. Our electricians are skilled in the installation of CBus systems so you can conveniently control your electric devices remotely. We will install your kitchen appliances, fans and other electrical devices safely and professionally.

Commercial Works

At Wire in Electrical, we offer the most professional commercial electrical services for small and large businesses. We install and maintain electrical systems in schools, restaurants, fire stations and other government facilities. We repair and service large electronic machinery and equipment used in industries and factories. Our electricians are also skilled in the installation and replacement of electrical equipment. We provide commercial lighting and will service your commercial electric system to ensure that it operates without hitches.

Maintenance Services

We also provide maintenance services to the electrical systems found in both residential and commercial premises. We make regular maintenance checks to ensure that the electrical systems are functioning properly. Any worn out parts are replaced and potential problems are identified early enough in order to make the necessary adjustments.

A properly serviced electrical system can reduce the risks of a breakdown that could cause your business to incur losses as repairs are made. After every maintenance project, we prepare a maintenance report. The report indicates the areas that have been checked and the actions that need to taken to rectify any problems identified.

Administration Works

You will typically be required to fill in different kinds of forms in order to access various electrical services. At Wire in Electrical, we have a competent and friendly administration team that will guide you in this. If you prefer, they will fill in the forms for you.

At Wire in Electrical, we are always excited to hear from you and are always available to provide you with the electrical services you need. Please call us today on 02-8599-2514 or email [email protected] for the best electrical services in Sydney.