Level 2 Electrician Services Sydney – Metering, Overhead and Underground Services

Wire in Electrical is a licensed Level 2 electrical service provider that offers electrical services in Endeavour and Ausgrid areas of Sydney. We have a team of highly skilled electricians who are experienced in providing all types of electrical services in Sydney and its surrounding districts.

Our electricians are available to serve you whether you need a residential electrician for your home or a commercial electrician for a large commercial complex.

We specialize in a wide variety of services including:

  • Power Connections and Disconnections: We connect new premises to the electricity supply and carry out temporary disconnections. We also disconnect and reconnect knockdown rebuilds
  • Overhead service line installation: We install power poles that are site specific, whether it is in a residential area or in a rural setting.
  • Underground service line installation: We install underground conduits and also carry out service and consumer mains cabling
  • Meter installation: We install and remove all types of meters
  • Upgrading services: We carry out switchboard upgrades and service fuse upgrades. We also upgrade and downgrade power when required.
  • Repair of UV damaged cabling: We repair cables that have been damaged by ultra violet radiation from the sun.
  • We provide uninterrupted temporary power supply for construction and other projects

Level 2 electrician infographics. Picture that show a level 2 electrician work like installing electrical meter, replacement of power pole, repair sun damage cable and etc.

Our electricians are skilled in carrying out all kinds of electrical repairs. We provide cross arm replacements and perform overhead wiring upgrades and repairs. We also replace old consumer mains.

If you need more power for that air conditioner or swimming pool pump and are finding that your power is switching off due to overload, we have the solution. Our electricians will upgrade your single phase to three phase power to increase your power supply so that you can enjoy sufficient power for even more convenience in your day to day activities.

We provide temporary power supply for construction projects and other events. We install the necessary power boards, poles and service lines and remove them when the project is over. We also offer crane services where we set up cranes and make them ready for use in high rise buildings. Our licensed electricians offer safe and lasting solutions for all your electricity needs.

Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy are giving defective notices to residents because the cables that connect their homes to the electricity supply are damaged. The cables often get damaged due to ultra violet radiation that wears out the insulation on the cables.
If you have been given a defective notice, our electricians will repair the damaged cables by restoring the insulation so that the cables can serve you for a long time to come. We will also rectify your meter board so that it complies with the required standards.

At Wire in Electrical, we use the best and most effective tools and equipment in order to offer you the most superior services in Sydney. For instance, we have a 1.7 tonne activator that is used for trenching during underground service line installations. No matter the shape or size of your property, the excavator will do the job because it can easily access tight spaces. We will connect your underground service lines to existing street turrets and install new site-specific turrets.

Our electricians are licensed to carry out professional installation of all kinds of meters on your premises and can safely remove the meters where necessary. We carry out solar power metering and off peak hot water conversion for that electric hot water unit.

You can find out the owner of your areas assets by calling Ausgrid or Endeavour. You can also visit their website to get this information. Your areas assets are the meters installed in your electricity box or power lines/green turret boxes etc., and are connected from the council strip to your building.

We at Wire in Electrical are ready and available in Sydney to handle any electrical need that you may have. Call us today on 02-8599-2514 or email [email protected] and we will have our electrician or Level 2 electrician give you a call.