Connecting Electricity – The Most Efficient Power Connection Services

Wire in Electrical is a licensed level 2 service provider, authorized to connect all kinds of premises to the local electricity network. You can contact us if you are in any of the following situations:

  • You have a new property and therefore require first-time electricity connection.
  • If the property already has a connection to the electricity network but you need to upgrade it.
  • If you are connected to the electricity network and want to transfer this connection to your new location.

Infographic about connecting electricity service. Image show the most common services related to connecting electricity that Wire In Electrical can provide.

If you are wondering how to get electricity connected to your property, our electricians will be happy to guide you through the entire process. In order to get a new power connection on your property, our electricians will assess your property. The assessment will help us to determine how much power will be required to take care of all your electricity needs.

The assessment will help us determine whether we need to extend the network in order to get to your property and whether the capacity of the network will have to be altered. We will let you know how long it will take to provide you with proper electricity connection on your property. We will also provide a quote that includes the total electricity connection fee.

You will be required to make an application for electricity connection by filling in an application form. Our helpful administration team will assist you to fill in all the forms that are needed for submission to the electricity distributor. Some of the information required may be quite technical. We will, therefore, assist you with all the required information to ensure that your application is processed as soon as possible. If you prefer, we can also fill in the forms on your behalf and accept the connection offer on your behalf to make the process easier for you.

Our electricians will connect electricity to your property as soon as they get the go-ahead from the electricity distributor. We are skilled in installing overhead and underground service lines that will connect your property to the electricity supply. We have the necessary equipment such as excavators to prepare trenches for underground cables. We can safely connect overhead service lines to the power supply. We are authorized to install all types of meters on your property in order to complete your power connection.

In order to make connecting electricity to your property easier, you should ensure that you provide clear directions to the property location. You should also make sure that you apply for connection early enough to avoid disappointment. If you do not give enough time for the connection process, you could end up getting frustrated. This is because unforeseen situations such as bad weather could cause work delays. You should, therefore, plan for your connection well in advance before you move into the new property.

You may be moving to a property that already has an electricity meter but with no electrical connections. In this case, all you need to do is to contact us and we will provide you with the necessary services to ensure you are supplied with electricity.

We can also upgrade your power supply from single phase to three phases to ensure that you have sufficient power on your property. Our electricians can upgrade the overhead service lines, the underground service lines and the metering to accommodate the increased power.

In case you are renovating a property and need to demolish the existing structures, we can remove the electricity meter on the property. We will later reinstall it once you have completed construction to restore your electrical connection.

You may have an existing power connection but need to relocate it. We can relocate overhead service lines safely and reconnect your power supply in the new location. We can also replace the existing overhead service lines with insulated cables that are safe and durable. If you need an assets relocation service, our electricians will assess the situation and explain to you what is possible and what is not.

We provide reliable electricity supply when you need a temporary power connection. We will install temporary poles, overhead service lines, and a switchboard so you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply. We will then disconnect the power supply and remove the equipment once you have completed your project. Our electricians are also skilled in the installation and removal of temporary metering equipment.

We are authorized and highly skilled in providing you with all your electricity connection services. Call us today on 02-8599-2514 to get the most professional and friendly electricity connection services in Sydney.