Commercial Electrician – Your Efficient Commercial Services Provider

Wire in Electrical is a licensed Electrical Contracting company that provides all kinds of electrical services including level 2 electrical works. Our team is made up of the most professional and experienced residential and commercial electrical contractors in Sydney.

If you own a business or commercial enterprise, you will require the services of a commercial electrician. At Wire in Electrical, we offer the most reliable commercial electrical services which include:

  • Installation of electrical systems and equipment
  • Regular maintenance services
  • Emergency Services
  • Repair services
  • Lighting for commercial premises
  • Switchboard upgrading services
  • Data and communication systems

Infographic about commercial electrician. Image that talk about the role of commercial electrician and installation of an electrical system and electrical equipment.

Our commercial electricians are skilled in the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems in any kind of commercial property. Whether it is a restaurant, a factory, a warehouse, a hospital or a park, we have the necessary skills to ensure that your electrical system functions properly.

We are highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of equipment used in the manufacturing industry. Our industrial electrical contractors are skilled in the installation and repair of three phase machines and equipment. We will ensure that your equipment is in good working condition and is safe for use for your workers.

We provide regular maintenance services that include a thorough check of your electrical system to ensure it is in good condition. A commercial electrical system can be quite complex and we will ensure it is safe for you and your employees. A regular check of your electrical system by our commercial electrician in Sydney will help us identify potential problems in your electrical system and equipment.

Worn out parts can be replaced in good time so they don’t break down and interrupt the flow of business. Regular checks can also help us recommend actions to be taken to improve your electrical system and make it more efficient. We will also ensure that your electrical system meets the latest electrical code requirements. Any recommended actions will be included in the maintenance report.

Early detection of faults in your electrical system and equipment can save your business a lot of money since the fault can be rectified without disrupting the business. However, when a machine breaks down or there is power outage due to an electric fault, the business will be forced to stop until repairs are made, which can lead to great losses.

We install, maintain and carry out any repairs on any kind of lighting on large or small businesses. We provide all kinds of indoor lighting, including LED lighting, which is energy efficient and will keep your energy bills down.

We are also experts in the installation and maintenance of your outdoor lighting. Whether it is security lighting or street lighting, our electricians will ensure you have the most efficient and cost effective lighting on your premises. We will install all your security lights and ensure that every corner of your property is covered by sufficient lighting. We will regularly inspect your outdoor lighting to ensure all the lights are functioning properly and will carry out any repairs that are required.

Wire in Electrical is one of the commercial electrical companies that provide emergency commercial services to ensure your business does not get interrupted for long periods in case of electrical problems. You can call us any time of the day or night when your equipment breaks down or causes an explosion or fire. Our commercial electricians in Sydney will get to your property as soon as possible and will manage the emergency. We will provide you with a temporary power supply if necessary so your business operations can continue as we identify the fault and fix it.

We carry out switchboard upgrades on all types of commercial premises. We will replace your old switchboard with one that uses Residual Current Devices and Circuit breakers. The new switchboard will cut off a faulty circuit quickly to ensure the risk of a fire from an electric fault is completely minimized. The risk of electrocution is also reduced and power is restored within a short time in case there are an overload and the circuit trips.

Our electricians will provide you with the cabling required for your data and communication needs. We will install a system that will take care of all your data and communication needs depending on the type and size of your business.

We are always ready and available to provide you with the most professional commercial electrician services in Sydney. Please call us today on 02-8599-2514 or email us on [email protected] for the best commercial electrical services.